Our Clients - Recent Projects


Here are a few examples of our recent consulting assignments.

ETL Processes and Foreign Currency

ETL refers to the process of Extract, Transform, Load.

While many ETL tools are solely used by developers and IT staff, our approach is to work with business users so they can create connections and data integrations when needed.


We recently assisted a new client with the implementation of both the inventory module and multi-currency module.    ETL processes were configured to calculate foreign currency gains and losses on inventory transactions.

Workflow Approvals

Due to a change to purchasing policy, our community services client required a change to their approval process for purchase requisitions.   We customised the workflow definition to ensure that the process correctly reflected financial delegations in their purchasing policy.

CRM and Stakeholder Management

We were asked to collaborate on the development and configuration of a Budget Bid and End of Month Reporting solution for a local government client.   This solution encompassed configuration of the CRM module to manage budget approvals and creation of several ETL Processes for integration with the project ledgers. 

XLOne Reports – End of Month Management Reports

We recently created a pack of management reports for a community services client.   These reports were configured to run from an XLOne Schedule and included Profit & Loss Reports, Cost Centre Reports,  Balance Sheet and a Cash Flow Statement.

Training – Accounts Payable Invoice Entry

A new client recently approached us with a problem.  They requested our assistance with their accounts payable processes.   They had recently implemented purchase orders and had difficulty matching purchase orders with invoices.   We asked them to provide approximately 50 invoices and then proceeded to facilitate accounts payable training to correctly enter these.  This included explanations of tolerance limits, part matching of purchase orders, matching to multiple purchase orders and purchase order amendments.

Assets and Depreciation – Motor Vehicle Car Fleet

A community services client asked us for a solution to manage their fleet of vehicles.   They operate a fleet of approximately 700 motor vehicles for their employees.  We implemented a solution to record the acquisition, disposal and depreciation of these vehicles.  An ETL process was also configured to import details of fuel usage from a file and record costs as transactions against each vehicle in a sub ledger.

Internal Controls

We recently conducted a business systems review for a local government client.   Internal controls were measured against a framework of controls recommended by the South Australian Local Government Financial Management Group Inc. (SALGFMG).   This included implementation of internal controls such as financial delegations, segregation of duties, tolerance limits, workflow approvals and user access.

Enterprise Budgeting

We support and highly recommend the Enterprise Budgeting module. 

We supported a local government client with the implementation of the Enterprise Budgeting Module.   This included financial budgets, project budgets, forecasts and Long-term financial plans (LTFP).   Complex budget worksheet calculations were required for salaries and associated on-costs.

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